New Program Begins At Trailblazers Academy

This September, PROJECT MUSIC initiated an expansion to serve a new student body sorely in need of music programming. The Trailblazers Band is bringing music education to 60 middle school students at Trailblazers Academy, a public charter school in Stamford. This program represents a deepening partnership with Domus, which operates the East Side middle school as well as the Chester Addison Community Center, where PROJECT MUSIC holds its principal after-school programming.

Through a combination of in-school and after-school offerings, Trailblazers students can opt into more than 3 hours of music lessons each week. After choosing either flute, clarinet, trumpet, or trombone, the students spend most of their class time working in small groups with a specialist teacher for that instrument. As the year progresses, a band will be formed to begin making public performances.The enthusiasm the Trailblazers Band students have shown so far gives us great hope for the future of the program!