PROJECT MUSIC students perform with GBYO

This past Sunday, 5 PROJECT MUSIC students proudly represented our Stamford in a performance at the Klein Memorial Auditorium, playing in the Wind Ensemble of the Greater Bridgeport Youth Orchestras (GBYO). This performance comes as the result of months of preparation, beginning in with a competitive audition process in June. The selected students have been traveling to Fairfield each Saturday morning for the past few months to rehearse the music, and are among the youngest musicians to participate. In addition to many performances with PROJECT MUSIC, these students will appear twice more this year with GBYO, continuing to stretch their capabilities in this advanced setting. Congratulations to Aaron, Junior, Adriel, Frankie, and Cara!

PROJECT MUSIC students have been able to participate in the Wind Ensemble thanks to a generous tuition reduction from GBYO, as well as the financial support of PROJECT MUSIC donors.


L to R: Aaron, Junior, Adriel, and Frankie. (not pictured is Cara, who also performed)