About Us


PROJECT MUSIC is an intensive after-school music education program for students in Stamford, Connecticut which uses music instruction as the vehicle to cultivate fundamental life skills such as self-expression, cooperative learning, discipline, leadership, and creativity— all of which have been linked to improved social and academic outcomes. The program, which is offered to children at no charge, fills a gap in accessible quality music education and after­school care in the City of Stamford.

PROJECT MUSIC takes inspiration from the El Sistema model, which is intended not only to provide musical instruments and training, but also to address some of the extensive social challenges affecting youth. The El Sistema movement in the USA is recognized as a set of inspiring ideals which inform intensive youth music programs that seek to effect social change through the ambitious pursuit of musical excellence. El Sistema focuses primarily on children with the fewest resources and greatest need, but it also believes in social inclusion and that students from all social backgrounds should work together in the El Sistema environment.

Learn more about the El Sistema movement at: https://elsistemausa.org/about/


To learn about how you can volunteer your time and talent to PROJECT MUSIC efforts, please visit our VOLUNTEER page.

To make a contribution to PROJECT MUSIC, visit our DONATE page. PROJECT MUSIC is a 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.