Witness Magazine: Not A Single Dissonant Note

The notes rolled chaotically along the colorfully painted walls from different directions. Each classroom was comprised of two to four children, ranging in age from 8-13, along with a music instructor. As the instruments dangled from the mouth of each child, the teacher focuses their attention on the sheet music in front of them. It was almost 5:30 p.m., but no one was leaving…

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Fairfield County Look: Truglia Thumbelina Fund Annual Dinner

On Thursday, Oct. 5 the Truglia Thumbelina Fund held a benefit fundraiser at the Water’s Edge at Giovanni’s in Darien to honor Dr. Michael Cotela, Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club of Stamford. At the request of PROJECT MUSIC Board Member Christel Truglia, our Studio Ensemble performed for the event to great acclaim. Fairfield County Look photographed the performance.

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Archipelago Project: Building Communication, Creativity, and Leadership Through Music

For ten days at the end of July into early August, Archipelago embarked into a new phase of its summer music camp in Traverse City, Michigan by hosting twenty students from the Baltimore Symphony OrchKids program, Project Music Stamford, and Bravo Waterbury.  These students joined twenty plus local music students from public middle and high school programs for a ten day music camp with the focus of creating original compositions and Jazz/Pop arrangements.  The Archipelago Summer Music camp’s mission is to inspire a connection between communities of different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, by using the music ensemble as the vehicle with which to communicate with each other.

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PaperSeed Foundation: Checking In With PROJECT MUSIC

Last year, funds raised at the PaperSeed Charity Golf Tournament helped fund new instruments for Project Music, a program in Stamford, CT that provides free music education. We recently received an update from Project Music about one student in particular whose musical education improved thanks to his brand new clarinet:

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Ctpost: Jazz star Marion Meadows and friends take up mentor’s baton


Let me tell you about Marion Meadows’ laugh. Like the man himself, it’s genuine and down to earth. Its warmth has a way of welcoming you into the conversation. It eases the dialogue, and soon you’ll be talking with him like you’ve been best friends for life.

I had a chance to converse with Meadows at length recently. We talked about a lot of things, and throughout our chat, inserted like laid-back exclamation points, was that laugh. I caught up with the jazz star in early December, as his year was winding down and before he headed off to Hawaii, where he’s got a residence. He was in Nashville, Tenn., his most recent home stateside, having moved there recently from Arizona, prior to living in New York City.

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Stamford Advocate: Christmas Tree Shines Bright at Jackie Robinson Park

Photographer Keelin Daly took photos of PROJECT MUSIC students at this holiday performance

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D’Addario Foundation: Bringing Frequent Music Instruction, Snacks and Tutoring To Connecticut


On Thursday, June 30th 2016, I visited Project Music Stamford, an El Sistema program located in Stamford, CT. Today was the last day of their two-week intensive camp, and you could tell the kids were upset about leaving, but also exhausted by the 4-hour per day use of instruction, which begins at 9:00am.

The camp begins directly after the school year ends, so it makes sense that the kids were exhausted, but even that couldn’t mask the joy of having an instrument. From a female student who bounced back and forth between drums and clarinet to a male student who would not give up trying to hold his tuba when he was told he could simply lean it up against a chair, I’ve never seen kids demonstrate such dedication to the gifts bestowed upon them.

They took full advantage of what the program offers, and they don’t take it for granted at all.

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Stamford Advocate: Changing Lives Through Music


STAMFORD — Without fanfare, four days a week at Chester Addison Community Center, Project Music is gradually changing the lives of more than 80 of Stamford’s inner-city students by immersing them in music education.

It is truly an enlightened city that understands the importance of music education programs, as research has consistently identified its benefits on children’s learning. By the groundswell of support shown to Project Music from an ever-growing list of community partners, Stamford clearly “gets it,” and we are so grateful!

Over the years, you may have heard of Project Music in Stamford; music educator and state Sen. Anthony Truglia created the program in the late 1960s to provide free music lessons for Stamford’s inner-city children within walking distance to their homes. When the program ended in 2010, Mort Lowenthal, Christel Truglia and I, soon joined by a very committed board of directors, were excited to fill that void in the model of El Sistema for 21st century Stamford.

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Stamford Advocate: Stamford program offers music lessons in the song of life


STAMFORD — Frankie Zapata and Joel Morris are each just 8 years old, but Frankie has been playing horns for a year and Joel is just getting started.

So as they practiced the “William Tell Overture” Tuesday evening at the Chester Addison Community Center, Frankie on the baritone and Joel on the trombone, Frankie kept his eyes on the sheet music and an ear out for his fellow horn player.

 When they finished, Frankie beamed.

“You only missed one note,” he told Joel. “You did really good.”

Joel responded with his own high-beam smile. “Thanks.”

Such interactions are at the heart of Project Music, a program that board President Joyce DiCamillo believes is the secret to creating harmonious communities.

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INK Magazine: PROJECT MUSIC Enriching Lives… Building Community


“If children hear fine music from the day of their birth and learn to play it, they develop sensitivity, discipline, and endurance. They get a beautiful heart.” …Shinichi Suzuki

Joyce DiCamillo has had a lifelong love affair with music. It propels her body, moves her soul, and is at the very core of her heart. As a professional jazz pianist who has played worldwide for more than 40 years, she cannot imagine a minute, an hour, a day, a time, or a world without music; and she has always longed to share that life-changing experience with children. Especially children who come from the inner city, who are disadvantaged through no fault of their own, yet have little chance to ever experience anything more than sounds emitted from a blaring boom box. But Joyce DiCamillo knows it doesn’t have to be this way and has spent a significant portion of her life proving her point, wishing to continue dedicating herself to this goal…

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Stamford Patch: Blizzard 2016 Postpones PROJECT MUSIC Concert

The performance with students from Stamford, Waterbury and Baltimore will be rescheduled.


PROJECT MUSIC’s El Sistema Residency and performance/collaboration with King Low Heywood Thomas on Tuesday, Jan. 26, at 7 p.m. has been postponed due to the weather.

Because of the city of Baltimore’s ban on all field trips due to the blizzard, one of the participating groups, the Baltimore Symphony’s OrchKids program, is unable to travel to Connecticut for the planned joint residency with PROJECT MUSIC and BRAVO Waterbury!

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It’s Relevant: Project Music Growing in Stamford Community

Performs with established music programs from Baltimore, Waterbury


Project Music started in Stamford just last September. The after school music education project, geared towards inner city students, now has over 50 Stamford students involved, with a majority of them from the Chester Addison Community Center

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Stamford Advocate: Opening Note in Key of Social Change


In 1967, a visionary Stamford public high school teacher decided to use music to give kids a leg up in the world.

Anthony Truglia, who taught music, organized free after-school instrument lessons and occasional concerts where students could shine.

Project Music became a program of Stamford’s recreation department and, until the city cut funding in 2010, it turned out a couple of generations of piano, guitar, violin, saxophone and tuba players, drummers and more.

Truglia, who was born in Stamford, graduated from city schools and Juilliard School of Music in New York City, particularly wanted to reach kids whose families could not afford lessons. Truglia’s idea was that music, besides offering a fun after-school activity, helps develop math and reading skills. Learning an instrument means practice, which encourages self-discipline, and playing in an orchestra fosters important social skills.

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Project Music Performs at Atria

Gives us a glimpse of two months’ hard work


Stamford students involved in Project Music put their hard work on display with a performance at Atria.

“They’re doing what they could in two and a half months,” said Board president Joyce DiCamillo.

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Archipelago’s Garrett Mendez leads El-Sistema project in Connecticut

Archipelago is proud to help support Garrett Mendez and his new endeavor, Project Music, an El Sistema inspired after-school program in Stamford, Connecticut. Project Music’s mission is to promote growth and development of Stamford’s youth by using music as a vehicle to provide mentoring, encouragement and vision for a promising future. Archipelago is proud to be a fiscal sponsor as Project Music applies for its official 501(c)3 status.

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