Summer Session @ Chester Addison begins

Summer Session 2018


August 13-17, 20-24



The Project Music Summer Session is a free two-week day camp open to all students who participate in Project Music’s school-year programs at Trailblazers Academy and the Chester Addison Community Center. In partnership with the Domus Kids, the 2018 Project Music Summer Session will delve deeply into creative processes in music, through projects in collective composition and improvisation. The first week will be focused on music from the New Orleans brass band tradition, with support from the Funky Dawgz Brass Band. For the second half of the Summer Session, we will be exploring meaningful social themes through a week of collaborative composition, with all students and staff contributing to the creation of original pieces. The Summer Session will provide a safe and productive environment for Project Music students during two critical weeks at the end of summer, when many other childcare options have concluded their summer offerings. Furthermore, the summer Session will support musical excellence with close mentorship by professional educators, and will strengthen the Stamford community through a shared creative process that transcends socioeconomic barriers.



8:30-9:00 9:00-11:00 11:00-1:00 1:00-4:00 4:00-5:00
Arrival / Breakfast Music Fundamentals Classes Lunch / Recreation Activities Brass Band / Collective Composition Clean up / Departure


Music Classes for PROJECT MUSIC students will reinforce various skills needed to be a successful musician, including instrumental technique, practice habits, pitch and rhythm reading, and listening skills. For younger / less advanced students, this time will also be an opportunity to practice the music that has been composed in afternoon sessions, which may be challenging to execute. Some King students, particularly those who have been year-long volunteers, may be engaged as teaching assistants during this class time.


Brass Band music is a New Orleans tradition which draws on America’s rich history of jazz in a format that is accessible and engaging to broad audiences. Students will learn about the building blocks of an effective song, arranging bass lines, melodies, riffs, and solos into songs for performance. Through this style, students of all levels can work together, each adapting their parts to their own capabilities and learning to improvise melodies within the bounds of the brass band idiom.


Collective Composition is an opportunity for people to come together and creatively explore and express their stories, ideas and emotions through music. Collective Composition emphasizes the creation and performance of music as something that all people can access, and offers shared experiences through which individuals, communities, and culture can strengthen and expand. With guidance from the professional staff, students will work together to conceptualize, compose, arrange, and perform original works from start to finish.


Recreation Time will give students the freedom to play in a safe environment, building social bonds with other camp participants. Recreation activities will depend on availability of facilities (gyms, fields, playground), and will include but not be limited to organized sports activities.