The Second Movement

PROJECT MUSIC is very excited to join the Second Movement and pianist Megan-Geoffrey Prins for an amazing and eclectic music program at Stamford’s famous Fish Church!

A very exciting and unique program to greet the new year. New Haven’s chamber ensemble, The Second Movement, David Perry, executive director, will perform Stamford-born composer David Bruce’s composition “Gumboots,” an homage to the slaves of South Africa’s goldmines. When the mines flooded, their owners spared themselves the expense of pumping out the water, and instead gave the slaves Wellingtons — e.g., “gumboots” to wade in; the workers were strictly forbidden from talking to one another, and developed a sophisticated language to communicate with each other by slapping their boots and chains, which in turn gave rise to what is now known as a joyous genre of dance called the gumboot dance. This 23-minute chamber work takes us from the darkness of slavery through to the joy and resilience of the dance.

The program will include a surprise collaboration between PROJECT MUSIC and the Second Movement that you won’t want to miss!