Project Music Volunteers

Project Music wouldn’t be possible without our incredible volunteers who dedicate their time and talents towards creating meaningful experiences for our students. Whether you are a great organizer, talented teacher, or are just looking to support our events, we are always glad to have another set of steady hands to help pitch in. 


Here’s how you can get involved. 

Play Your Part




Project Music teachers share their talents with our students, helping them build creative confidence which will last a lifetime. 


As a project music teacher, you will be responsible for:

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It takes a whole village to orchestrate something incredible. As an administrators you’ll work to keep everything pitch perfect and polished. 



Here’s what you can expect to help out with as an administrator. 

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Chaperones enable our students to live out their best music experiences, whether it be attending fieldtrips, or providing transportation for our student performances. 

As a Chaperone you will be responsible for: 

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Volunteer for Upcoming Events

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